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Guangdong Bell Experiment Equipment Co.,Ltd (DGBell) is the environmental testing chamber manufacturer and the lithium battery safety testing chamber supplier. We have 15+ years experience with the testing chambers.

Environmental testing chambers are also known as climate or climatic test chambers. DGBell environmental test chamber suppliers involved in environmental chamber manufacture from 2005, we specialize in the manufacturing of humidity chamber, temperature chambers, walk in environmental chambers, etc.

It is a blooming era of various products, most of the products have to be tested before delivering to the users. The fierce competitive market requires a fast reaction, DGBell environmental testing chamber manufacturer offer a wide range of standard and customized designed environmental testing equipment aimed to meet the demanding test requirements from the products manufacturers. DGBell environmental testing chamber suppliers provide test chambers that can make reliable simulated environment tests. We are happy to help product manufacturers to test out the defective products, and bring new products to market quickly.

DGBell environmental test chamber manufacturers specialize in developing one-stop solutions for various test requirements, simulating extreme temperature, humidity, altitude and vibration. Moreover, our diverse range of environmental chambers are able to simulate different climatic conditions such as salt, dust and rain to test accelerated aging.

DGBell environmental test chamber manufacturers provide test solutions for a wide range of industries, including electronics, energy, transportation, material processing, aerospace, defense, inspection and quarantine bureau, etc.

As an environmental test chamber manufacturer, we provide environmental chambers for sale, all the environmental chamber prices are at factory price. Besides, provide more after-sale service than other test chamber suppliers.

We are not only an environmental chamber manufacturer, but also a lithium battery safety testing chamber supplier.

Lithium battery test chambers are important at this rapid blooming era for electronic products, electric vehicle and storage system. Lithium-ion Batteries are the widest applied in these products. The battery safety is one of the critical factors before launching such product into market. And the demand for lithium battery test chambers is growing rapidly.

DGBell provides the overall test equipment solution for both lithium-ion consumer batteries and lithium-ion EV battery packs and modules, which comply the relevant international test standards, such as IEC62133, UN38.3, UL1642, ECE-R100, UL2580 and IEC62619.
DGBell lithium battery test chamber supplier provide a wide range of battery safety test equipments, from environment simulation test chambers to mechanical test chambers, including Temperature test chamber, altitude simulation test chamber, battery crush tester, short circuit battery test chamber, Thermal Abuse Tester, Drop Tester, Shock Tester, Vibration Test System, etc.

DGBell lithium battery test chamber supplier is working with many global enterprises, such as global smart phone companies, global battery manufacturers, EV manufacturers, Third-party Detection Institutions, etc. We provide reliable battery test equipments to our customers, ensure they deliver the high safety and stability performance battery to the market.

If you want to know more about knowledge of the environmental testing chamber or lithium battery safety test chamber, please don’t hesitate to contact us at, and you can visit our website:

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