9 Proven Steps on How to Help Your Siblings With Homework

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When you are an older sibling, you are likely to expect your younger sibling to ask for your help when working on their assignment. So when is the best time to help your sibling, and how should you help them with their homework? To answer this question, here are ways you can be of invaluable help to your siblings?

  • Kindly familiarize yourself with the assignment they need help on

Once they seek your help, read through the assignment and fully understand what the work is all about. Familiarizing yourself with the assignment's subject matter helps you be more valuable than just delving into helping without background information about the topic. Understanding what the question requires is also vital to know how to best help.

  • Ask your sibling the area of the assignment they are struggling with.

Simply asking, "What don't you understand about the assignment?" will give you all the information on where your sibling is having a hard time. You can also go further to ask your sibling which parts they already understand so that you know exactly where to begin to teach. Proceed to explain the concepts they find hard while answering any questions they ask.

  • Help them develop a homework schedule

To ensure that they work productively on their homework, ensure you help them make and plan their schedule to avoid wearing yourself out helping with their homework every day.

  • Help only when they struggle

The idea about helping with homework is that you offer your assistance only when your sibling is stuck or confused about the question being asked. You are therefore not required to micromanage and complete their assignment for them. The best you can do to help them better understand is give them an example similar to their problem and solve it; hence they can think through the one you created and solve theirs independently.

  • Use visual aids, like drawings and flashcards and Online instructional videos

Flashcards help memorize concepts and use drawings, especially for those in elementary to help understand concepts better. Online instructional videos help your sibling understand concepts as they get to see how a particular task is done; for example, if it's a calculus question, all steps are well explained.

  • Explain the thought process of getting the answers 

It can be tempting to answer only if your sibling's area of struggle is something you are proficient in. However, this is not helpful, and you can instead explain the concept behind the homework step by step and give them similar practice questions to see if they can solve it by themselves.

  • Take breaks when the sibling is fatigued

Have breaks to enable your sibling to refresh and come back to continue with the assignments. Ensure they have light snacks before starting with their studies and make sure they are few minutes and not long periods that makes them lose focus.

  • Please encourage them

Some areas where your sibling is struggling may seem more straightforward to you. It is good to avoid discouraging words that can make them hopeless or stupid, encourage them and stay positive while working with them.

  • Show them alternative resources to get help from

Your siblings will have homework while still in school that means your help will be highly sought. You will not be available every time; that's why alternative resources like the public library, websites, and even homework doers' sites are essential for them to look for help.

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