The Most Recommended Bokeh Video Editing Application for Android

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Here is a list of recommended bokeh video applications for Android. Create interesting and up-to-date videos right now.

Bokeh effect videos are one of the trending video styles and are widely chosen because videos are more attractive. However, not all video editing applications on cellphones provide features for interesting bokeh video editing.

Below are some recommendations for Android applications for editing videos to have a bokeh effect. These applications are easy to operate and can of course be downloaded free of charge. However, if you want more features, there are several apps with premium features that are paid for.


List of 10 Free and Premium Android Bokeh Video Editing Applications

  1. After Focus

After Focus is a video editing application that provides bokeh editing and is the most widely used. With this application you can edit the video background so that the blur and the main object become more focused like a DSLR camera.

If you want to edit images, this application also provides image editing features that are no less interesting. To increase or decrease the light in the background, there are filter features that you can use.

You can download it directly from the Google Play Store and see positive reviews of this application from its users to be more confident when deciding to download it.

  1. Blur Video

The second application recommendation is Blur Video developed by Alpha Project. This application has been downloaded by more than 500 thousand downloaders, proving that this application is a favorite of many Android users.

With Blur Video you can do video editing with a bokeh effect to make it more focused and the video looks more professional. Not only the MP4 format, this application also supports other video formats, such as WMV and 3GP.

You can use the freestyle blur feature for DSLR camera-style blur. There is also an Instagram No Crop feature to create a blur effect on the right and left of the video.

  1. Viva Video

This video editing application called Viva Video was developed by QuVideo Inc. which is about 30 MB in size. Besides being famous for its interesting video editing features, Viva Video can also be used to make videos with a blurry bokeh effect.

Not only video editing, you can also insert several photos to make video clips. To make it more interesting, you can add text in the video. Due to the popularity of this application, the number of downloads has reached 100 million on the Play Store.

The resulting video quality is quite good, but unfortunately there will be a watermark on the video if you use the free version. For that, open the premium version so that annoying watermarks can be removed.

  1. Cinema FV 5 Lite

The appearance of the Cinema FV 5 Lite application is very simple and the size of this application is quite friendly for Android users who have small storage space. Unlike several other applications, Cinema FV 5 Lite is a camera application for professional looking videos.

Aplikasi ini sangat cocok digunakan untuk merekam video berupa film pendek atau lainnya dengan budget yang tipis. Hebatnya lagi, terdapat pengaturan sensor ISO yang dapat membuat hasil video terlihat seperti rekaman dari kamera DSLR.

The bokeh feature can make the video look more focused and interesting.

  1. DSLR Camera Blur

DSLR Camera Blur is a highly recommended application for editing videos with amazing bokeh effects. Not only videos, you can even add blur effects to photos. As we know that the blur effect can make photos and videos look more professional.

There are several features for making videos with bokeh effects, namely Circular Blur, Touch Ti Focus, Line Blur, and Touch to Blur. Choose one of them to create a blur effect to your liking. No less popular with other applications, DSLR Camera Blur has been downloaded more than 5 million downloads.

  1. Square Video

As the name implies, you can use Square Video to edit videos with a bokeh effect on the left and right or top and bottom in a square or square format. This application is perfect for Instagram content creators without bothering to cut it.

In addition, there are features for adding music, a music cutter, a video direction player, and cutting certain parts of the video.

  1. Inshoot

If you want a video editing application that is simple but still has many features in it, Inshoot is highly recommended. Apart from being light in size, this application is also easy to run and flexible or not rigid.

In this application you can do video editing with the addition of a bokeh effect. You can automatically add these effects when the video is first inserted on the worksheet.

Interestingly, you can remove the watermark just by watching the video. The features that you can use to edit videos to make them more interesting include increasing video speed, volume, effects, adding music, and many others.

Apart from video, if you want to do photo editing, you can also directly use this one application. No wonder this application is widely used by YouTubers or content creators because it is very practical.

  1. Insta Bokeh Blend Camera

The advantage of this application is that it is very light in size, which is only about 15 MB. With this light size, this application can still be used smoothly on phones with low specifications.

To make bokeh videos, you can use bokeh effects and additional light effects to make them look realistic. This application also provides taking photos with the camera without the need to switch to another application, making it more practical.

  1. Real Bokeh Light Effects

Switching to premium applications, you can download Real Bokeh Light Effects developed by MobiLab. Its premium features allow you to create professional-style high-quality final touches.

Even though the premium features are very attractive, you only need to pay Rp.24,000.00. Unmitigated, there are 33 light effects and 36 bokeh effects that this one application has.

The quality of the videos that will be uploaded to social media can also be made at high resolution so that the results are not disappointing.

  1. Videoshow Video Editor

Its high rating with a number of downloaders that has reached 100 million makes this application no less popular than other applications. You can use the blur feature to make the bokeh effect look attractive on an image or video.

Not only that, the feature of adding stickers, music, text, and other interesting filters can be used to make videos more attractive. There are 50+ themes to choose from to make the final touch of the video look professional.

You can use the above applications to create attractive and professional-looking bokeh videos. Videos with a professional look will certainly be more interesting and of course satisfying when watched by other people.

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